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Colocasia Esculenta
Colocasia Esculenta
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Colocasia Esculenta Elephant Ears have bright green leaves, 1-2’ wide by 2-3’ long. Also known as “Kalo,” “Coco Yam” or "Taro.” Taro is widely grown in the tropics for food. The edible tubers are used in Poi, and the young shoots are blanched and used as a winter vegetable. Called the Common Elephant Ear, Colocasia Esculenta are widely used and very showy. Can be invasive.

Size: 9-11" circ. bulbs
Plant: 1 Bulb Per 3 Sq Ft
Bloom Time: Summer until Frost
Planting Depth: Cover with 2” of soil
Height: 5-6’
Zone: 7-11
Exposure: Sunny.

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