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Tulip Bulbs

Can there really be spring without tulips?  Tulips are nature's show-stoppers.  With over 100 species and thousands of cultivars, they offer an incredible range of colors and varieties, from the traditional firey red to the purple-black of Queen of Night.  Tulips range in shape from simple single-flowered varieties to exotic frilled Parrot TulipsTulips are excellent in beds and in borders.  Many are suitable for forcing.  Species Tulips are especially suitable for rock gardens.

Except for Species Tulips, most Tulips planted in zones 8-10 should be chilled for 8-10 weeks prior to planting.  You can do this by storing them in a refrigerator.  Please see our "Bulbs for the South" section for tulips and other bulbs recommended for our southern neighbors.

Tulips are divided into 15 different categories which are mainly defined by their flower characteristics.  Browse through each of the following varieties to learn more about what makes each type unique.  You can check out our July 2015 Newsletter: Tulips - Dazzling Goblets of Spring Color for tips on growing.

See also our Mixed Darwin Tulips by the Bushel for large areas in pink, red, yellow and mixed colors.


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