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Fall Planted Bulbs

Fall Planted ─ Spring Flowering Bulbs

Our most popular Fall Flower Bulbs!

SHIPPED SEPTEMBER 15 TO JANUARY 15 (But you can order anytime)

It's time to order fall planted flower bulbs for spring blooming flowers.  Nothing says spring like Crocuses, Daffodils and Tulips.  And we have over 300 varieties to choose from. 

For best results, plant fall flower bulbs in well-drained soil, and if you've got heavy soil, I would recommend that you add some compost or other organic materials.  Many bulbs can also be used indoors by "forcing" them to bloom.  What would the holidays be like without the fragrant cheer of Amaryllis and Paperwhites!  Below you will find our fall planted/spring blooming bulbs.

Fall bulbs are shipped September 15th through January 15th. 

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