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Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

PLEASE NOTE:  Amaryllis bulbs are not shipped until early November as they are pre-chilled for your flowering success.

Amaryllis Gift Kit

Amaryllis Gift Kit
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We can ship directly to your gift list!

Our Amaryllis gift kit is shipped 'ready to grow.'  Includes one jumbo sized Amaryllis bulb. When it comes to the number of blooms and stems, size is everything.  We select only the largest bulbs from grower's stock and prepare them for early blooming. Each bulb is a hand-selected jumbo (34 cm and up) guaranteed to please. It is already potted in a green 8" pot, well wrapped to keep the bulb and soil in place during shipment and enclosed in a 10x10x10 box with packing peanuts for extra protection. Once the bulb is unpacked you need
only water.

for Christmas gifts will be shipped the first week in December, unless otherwise specified.  The earliest shipping on all Amaryllis bulbs is November 1st, as we pre-chill them for flowering success.

Indoor Growing
Size: 35/ cm
Plant: 1 Bulb Per pot
Bloom Time: 3 to 6 weeks after planting
Height: 30-36”
Zone: 8 for outside planting
Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade

Forcing Vase Gift Kit

Forcing Vase Gift Kit
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The above Forcing Vase Kit comes with a vase, one Paperwhite bulb and one 'Delft Blue' Hyacinth bulb per vase. Plus a nice 6x6x6 box, ready to wrap. These vases are specially designed for forcing hyacinths or paperwhites. Simply fill with water and set the bulb on top. We recommend starting the Paperwhite upon arrival, and storing the Hyacinth in the refrigerator for later blooming. Forcing instructions are included. 

To order additional Hyacinth bulbs, click here. To order additional Paperwhite bulbs, click here.

Forcing Vase

Forcing Vase
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These forcing vases are specially designed for forcing hyacinths or paperwhites. Simply fill with water and set the bulb on top. Forcing instructions included.

To order Hyacinth bulbs, click here. To order Paperwhite bulbs, click here
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