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Rhodophiala (Oxblood Lily)

Rhodophiala (Oxblood Lily)

Rhodophiala (more commonly known as Oxblood Lily) look like miniature Amaryllis, which they are kin to. The  flowers appear on the top of a naked 8" stem in August through September. The foliage emerges after flowering and persists through the winter. In late spring, the foliage disappears as the plant goes dormant. Oxblood Lilies were introduced in the 1850s by German settlers to Texas. You can leave oxblood lilies undivided for years; however they will produce little bulblets at their base which can be separated out.  Other names are: School House Lily, Hurricane Lily or Argentine Oxblood Lily.  

that can reach 3 to 4 feet in height

Rhodophiala Bifida (Oxblood Lily)

Rhodophiala Bifida (Oxblood Lily)
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This is the pink form of Rhodophiala Bifida.  With bright magenta-pink flowers, it's a no-fuss plant that surprises you from the ground each fall.  A rare color, since the Oxblood Lily is typically red. Naturalizes well and is suitable for borders, rock gardens, xeriscapes and wildscapes as well as containers.  

Size: 14+ cm.
Plant: 1 Per Sq Ft
Bloom Time: Late Summer through Fall
Planting Depth: 2”
Height: 10-16"
Zone: 7-10.
Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade

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