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New Bulbs for the South

It is possible to grow spring-flowering bulbs in climates as warm as Zones 8 to 10! 

Many of the big box stores stock the same daffodil and tulip bulbs in all their stores across the country. The problem with this is that some bulbs don't thrive in every locale. The bulbs you planted may well have been more suited to a cooler region, and that's why they don't come up.  The links below will take you bulbs that do well in the South.  None of them require the artificial pre-chilling treatment necessary to grow varieties that are best suited for northern gardens.

Tulips: For the best performance, warmer weather gardeners are advised to consider Species Tulips. These are much happier with hot weather than are classic Dutch tulips and don't require a winter chilling period to bloom. Also, while some of our classic hybrid tulips are hardy to zone 8 we don't recommend planting them in the warmest parts of the zone (8b), as they usually don't receive the needed winter chill in these areas. 

Except for Species Tulips, most Tulips planted in zones 8-10 should be chilled for 8-10 weeks prior to planting.  You can do this by storing them in a refrigerator.  In zones 7-10, Tulips should be planted where they only get the early morning sun.

Daffodils:  See our Recommendations for Growing Daffodils in the South page.

Other Bulbs:  The following bulbs do not need pre-chilling.

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Albopilosum Allium (Christophii )Albopilosum Allium (Christophii )Size: 14/16 cm
Plant: 3 Bulbs Per Sq Ft
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Planting Depth: 4-6"
Height: 18"
Zone: 3-8
Exposure: Sunny
Schubertii AlliumSchubertii AlliumSize: 12+ cm
Plant: 1 Bulb Per Sq Ft
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Planting Depth: 3-4"
Height: 16"
Zone: 3-9
Exposure: Sunny
Sphaerocephalum AlliumSphaerocephalum AlliumSize: 8+ cm
Plant: 5 Bulbs Per Sq Ft
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Planting Depth: 3"
Height: 28"
Zone: 4-9
Exposure: Sunny

Daffodils for the South

AlliumsAlliumsAzeureum 10/$8.70 24/$20.00 50/$35
Daffodils for the SouthDaffodils for the SouthLarge Cup Daffodils
Trumpet Daffodils
___ Daffodils
___ Daffodils

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